Passed the Cybersecurity First Responder CFR-410 Exam

written by Aaron Grothe on 2022-12-31

Passed the CertNexus Cybersec First Responder CFR-410 Exam exam and now have the CertNexus CyberSec First Responder certification. I got a discount code for the exam when I tried to get into their beta program last year, and they already had enough people. So that was a nice thing. Finally got around to studying it for a bit and decided to get it done before 2023.

Actually took the exam December 15th and just was waiting to get the credentials before updating the site.

As for the exam itself. It is an interesting exam tries to merge theory with practice. You may see a question about iptables, and then a question on incidence response procedure right after it. A very wide exam.

One thing I did miss after taking the exam was I didn't get a real score on it. Just a "You passed" score report. I prefer the more detailed report as that lets you know how well you did. Almost seems a bit like a throwback to some older exams.

Another thing is you don't get told if you passed/failed right after the exam. The exam just ends. I did receive an email about half an hour later, but that was also a bit jarring.

That being said. Think it is a good exam and I'm glad I took it.

I have updated my certification page with the new cert.