The following are some of my publications.

Am missing some articles, but will see if I can dig them up.

2600 Magazine

2600 Magazine is one of the classic publications. The name comes from the 2600hz tone that used to be used in Blue Boxes and Phone Phreaking. They have very nice editors and are willing to publish anything interesting :-)

Title Issue
Using Bluetooth Devices as an Additional Security Measure in Linux Winter 2015
Controlling the Information Your Android Apps Send Home Autumn 2013
USBkill - A Program for the Very Paranoid Computer User Autumn 2012


HowToForge is a great resource of Linux tutorials. They are one of the first places I hit when I need to do research on something.

Title URL
Converting your Python 2 code to Python 3
How To Make Your Own (Almost) Chromebook holds one of my old articles about Tech Charity giving. A pretty good article and an interesting idea.

Title URL
Tech Charities